Our mission is to be a one-stop-shop for HME providers seeking resupply and patient care solutions. Our goal is to fundamentally change the manner in which providers set up, service, and resupply their patients while ultimately improving the client's bottom line.



In 2009, an Oklahoma based HME provider decided he needed to find a solution for resupplying and better servicing his sleep patients. He sought help from a friend and business man, Russell Parker. Russell was able to quickly identify a way to better service the patients while also generating new revenue and significantly increasing recurring revenue. Revsuppliance was born. Over the course of the next two years, he developed proprietary software and resupply solutions covering patient contact, tracking, inventory management, and shipping services. All procedures were designed to meet full compliance with Medicare and private insurance guidelines. Revsuppliance has now grown to servicing nearly 30 locations in the US.


Chief Operations Officer - Russell Parker                                                   russell@revsuppliance.com 

Director of Operations - Dwayne Parker                                                     dwayne.parker@revsuppliance.com

Director of Sales and Marketing - Christy Heeren                                      christy.heeren@revsuppliance.com

Senior Account Manager - Jenna Zanotto                                                  jenna.zanotto@revsuppliance.com