Smart, simple, and profitable resupply management

Revsuppliance maximizes the full potential of your medical resupply revenue stream

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Revsuppliance is a proactive, full-service solution that helps post-acute care providers increase medical equipment replenishment sales and improve patient experiences


Inventory Management

We manage and maintain all the inventory needed to service your patients so you don’t have to


Patient Contact

Our live agents take orders directly from your patients, verify eligibility, and document all their resupply needs



Orders are shipped directly from our warehouse to patients’ homes in the timeliest, most convenient way



Scheduled engagement ensures patient adherence and retention, increasing recurring revenues

Revenue, Resupply, Compliance — we take on the complexities of resupply management so you can focus on caring for your patients

Some of the benefits for healthcare providers include:

  • ico-optimized-staff-resourcing

    Optimized Staff Resourcing

    From order generation to compliance procedures, we relieve your staff of time-consuming and cumbersome tasks

  • ico-maximized-resupply-revenue

    Maximized Resupply Revenue

    Our solutions create a sustainable revenue source for your organization

  • ico-outstanding-patient-care

    Outstanding Patient Care

    resupplies increase the safety and efficacy of treatments and ensure your patients get the care they deserve

We carry all major brands including associated supplies and accessories

Here are just some of the most reputable manufacturers that we work with

All foam and UF filters for any CPAP machine

All tubes for any CPAP machine

All water chambers for any CPAP machine

Any new brands approved for patient care

We’re trusted by home medical equipment providers, sleep labs, and other healthcare providers across multiple states

Here’s a look at how we’ve helped our partners and their patients