Top reasons to enroll patients in a CPAP resupply program

Top reasons to enroll patients in a CPAP resupply program

Modern healthcare services are patient-centric — they are designed to deliver optimized outcomes and patient experiences. From urgent care facilities to durable medical equipment (DME) providers, organizations across the healthcare industry are constantly searching for ways to improve patient outcomes while also meeting patient expectations.

In particular, DME businesses do this by implementing a resupply program. Suppliers of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) equipment, in particular, have found resupply programs to be invaluable tools in delivering CPAP machines, masks, tubes, and the like to their patients regularly. Enrolling patients in a CPAP resupply program brings a raft of benefits, such as:

  1. Improved patient adherence to CPAP therapy
    Using a CPAP machine is not particularly comfortable, which is why many obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients don’t stick with CPAP therapy. The mask may cause skin chafing around the nose and mouth. The tubes can get tangled while the patient sleeps. Over time, masks and tubes develop cracks and tears, resulting in leaks that dry out the mouth. Plus, old masks and tubes harbor a host of disease-causing microorganisms, making them unsanitary and unsafe on top of being uncomfortable.

    These problems can be resolved by enrolling your patients in a CPAP resupply program. Besides receiving masks, tubes, and other supplies on a regular basis, patients under a resupply program will also get tips to improve their overall CPAP experience. These ensure that patients use their CPAP machines every night and reap the health benefits of CPAP therapy.

  2. Better sleep for patients
    Patients suffering from OSA experience abrupt pauses in breathing while they sleep due to a narrowed or blocked airway. This makes OSA a potentially life-threatening condition that must be addressed immediately with CPAP therapy.

    A CPAP machine is designed to deliver a steady flow of pressurized air into a patient’s airway while they sleep. This keeps the airway open so that the patient can breathe easily. They won’t wake up gasping for air or experience dips in their oxygen levels. They will sleep easy through the night so they wake up feeling well-rested and refreshed, and with more energy for their daily tasks and physical activity. This enables the patient to get the exercise they need to boost their metabolism, lose weight, and improve their overall well-being.

  3. Enhanced patient outreach and awareness
    Routine follow-ups are an essential part of an effective resupply program. Patients will be regularly contacted by your DME specialists via the former’s preferred method (phone, email, SMS, etc.). Aside from reminding patients about their CPAP resupply schedule, the specialists will ask how patients are getting along with their therapy, as well as help them address any CPAP-related problems they may have. For instance, your staff may walk a patient through the steps to fixing a leaky hose, or give them tips to ensure their CPAP mask stays put while they sleep. If the patient is experiencing side effects, the specialist can refer them to a doctor or a clinician.

    These interactions also provide an avenue for raising patients’ awareness of OSA and CPAP therapy. When drafting your specialists’ call scripts or emails, it’s a good idea to include a few lines about how patients can manage the symptoms of OSA and how to properly use and maintain CPAP machines.

  4. Ease and convenience for patients
    In a survey of CPAP machine users, 61% say they wish they’d been invited to join a resupply program by their DME provider. They want the convenience of requesting for and receiving CPAP supplies afforded by a resupply program.

    Specifically, under Revsuppliance’s resupply solution, patients will be put on a resupply schedule and receive a reminder when it’s time to replace their masks, tubes, and filters. Patients won’t have to worry about not getting their supplies on time or having to stop therapy until they get the items they need.

    Increased efficiency, productivity, and profitability for your DME business
    Your patients aren’t the only ones who will benefit from being enrolled in a resupply program — your company will too. Subscribing to a resupply solution like Revsuppliance’s will streamline your DME business’s processes, from inventory management to patient follow-up. You’ll have a team of seasoned experts handling every aspect of your business, ensuring that everything runs as it should so your patients get the right supplies on time. In turn, this ensures that you get maximum revenues, enabling you to invest in innovative tools for growing your business further.

The resupply process is key to ensuring adherence to CPAP therapy and better patient outcomes. Revsuppliance can help DME businesses across Oklahoma provide their patients with the support they need so they can reap the many benefits of CPAP. For more information about our services or to schedule a demonstration, reach out to us today: 405-467-1791.

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