How mobile delivery solutions benefit DME providers

How mobile delivery solutions benefit DME providers

Product delivery is a critical part of any durable medical equipment (DME) business. It’s also one of the most time-consuming and challenging, as it involves tackling several different tasks at once, from planning optimized routes to managing customer expectations.

Thankfully, there’s now a wide array of DME software solutions on the market, all boasting of features designed to help providers streamline operations. These include cloud-based management platforms with which mobile delivery apps can be integrated seamlessly, providing better insight into and improving a DME’s delivery processes.

Here are some ways mobile delivery solutions benefit DME providers.

Speed up order confirmation
With one tap, orders are immediately confirmed — there’s no need to switch between different tools to search for information such as the patient’s address and insurance details. This minimizes the risk of error associated with manual data entry, which can lead to billing disputes and denied claims.

And because orders are confirmed straightaway, invoicing and billing are a breeze. Invoices can be sent out on time to insurance providers, which significantly reduces your business’s days sales outstanding (DSO), or the average number of days it takes to collect payment after a sale is made. As a result, your DME resupply business’s cash flow improves, giving you more opportunities to invest in your company’s growth.

Enable real-time order tracking
Mobile delivery solutions incorporate GPS tracking and interactive maps, both of which enable your patients to track orders in real time. They can keep an eye on the exact location of delivery drivers, and will be notified immediately in case of delays. Your customer service representatives also have access to this information, so they can answer patients’ questions in a timely and accurate manner.

Ensure timely delivery
Delivery dispatchers can also use the GPS and interactive map integrations of mobile delivery apps to make routing decisions, such as adding new orders and changing each driver’s route. This improves the efficiency of planning delivery routes and, in turn, ensures that patients receive their orders on time.

Moreover, GPS provides drivers with turn-by-turn directions, helping them avoid any obstacles that could cause delays in delivery. Mobile delivery apps also calculate travel times and communicate the estimated arrival time directly to patients via the app or SMS.

Capture information
With a mobile delivery solution, drivers can use their smartphones or tablets to take a photo of the package or the recipient as proof of delivery. This enables contactless delivery, which is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. If the patient’s insurance provider requires a signature, however, they can sign for the delivery on the mobile app instead of a paper form or invoice.

Drivers can also conduct customer surveys on electronic forms, get customer comments using their phone or tablet’s voice recording function, and place new orders and schedule delivery right on their mobile devices.

Prepare your DME for audit
Once an order is completed, invoices, proofs of delivery, and other related documents can be uploaded straight from the mobile app and into your business’s document management system (DMS). From your DMS, your in-office staff can pull up all files needed during a Medicare audit, making compliance easy and convenient.

Reduce paper use and related costs
A mobile delivery app allows your DME business to go paperless, eliminating paper, printing, storage, and mailing costs. You can email your patients an electronic copy of the invoice and proof of delivery instead of providing them with a paper-based copy. Plus, paperless processes help reduce the environmental impacts of paper production and disposal.

Learn more about mobile delivery apps and how they can optimize your DME resupply business’s processes from the experts at Revsuppliance. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration: 405-467-1791.

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