Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Supplies

The right equipment at the right time means better care for your patients and better numbers for your balance sheet

Ensuring patients always have the medical devices they need is an ongoing priority. With all the moving parts, it’s easy to waste resources or worse, compromise on patient care. But not when you partner with Revsuppliance.

We’re a one-stop shop for Home Medical Equipment (HME) providers, sleep labs, and other care providers who want to improve their sleep apnea DME supply and care services. With customizable scheduling, reliable delivery, and white-glove customer and patient service, you’ll enjoy worry-free resupply, streamlined operations, improved patient satisfaction, and healthier bottom lines.

DME supply services you and your patients can count on that include:

  • Compliance with Medicare and private insurance guidelines
  • Comprehensive services from inventory management and shipping to resupply and billing
  • Full range of sleep apnea equipment: PAP machines, cushions, filters, shells, tubes, headgear, and more
  • Greater profitability through sales growth, patient retention, and reduced spending
  • Friendly, reliable experts who provide quick support and solutions for any issue

Choosing the right DME supplier brings continued benefits to your business and patients

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DME Billing Services

Streamlined, worry-free billing services for improved patient experiences and healthier margins

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Patient Management

Proactive support. Personalized service. Improved patient experiences.

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