Patient Management

Proactive support. Personalized service. Improved patient experiences.

The vast majority of patients don’t replace their CPAP equipment on the recommended schedule, often because they don’t know that they can, they don’t know how, or they forget. This increases their health risks and potential medical expenses, and makes for poorer experiences.

But with Revsuppliance’s proactive patient management services, your patients will receive the equipment they need when they need it, know how to optimally use it, and feel supported by our caring staff. We keep everything simple, from reordering to preauthorizations to follow-ups, so your patients can get the full benefits of therapy for improved care and satisfaction.

Take the burden off your patients and your business with our:

  • Guaranteed shipping right to the patient’s door, compliant with HIPAA regulations
  • Advanced data and analytics that can help measure and improve patient outcomes
  • Comprehensive, personalized service, including customized scheduling, eligibility verification, reorder reminders, education, and more
  • Proactive Traking that can help patients follow the recommended schedule as well as limit their financial exposure

See the difference our patient management services can make

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