Rodolfo Blain

"Let me start with saying that Revsupplaince is a great company with super customer service. Since 2006 I have been looking for a cost effective and streamlined way of doing CPAP/BiPAP resupply. I tried numerous in house methods and outside resources and finally found Revsuppliance. They not only make resupply efficient they are also so customer friendly and oriented that my patients love them. I have had numerous patients come by or call us just to praise the person that called them about their resupply.

They are also an easy company to work with. Jenna and Jay have never said no to the things that I have asked to be implemented, like compliance, they always say sure let me see how we can do that for you. As we all know resupply is a huge part of our CPAP/BiPAP business, with lots of moving parts, but because Revsuppliance runs itself doing the entire resupply chain, from calling patients to delivery and it and they are so good at it, I have been able to take this off my plate and focus on other things. Thanks Revsupplaince."

Vice President
Home Medical Equipment